We are looking for business and technology professionals to be judges for Technovation Challenge 2018. Judges will score submissions and provide constructive feedback for up to six teams using an official judging rubric. Each judge will also participate in a panel at Appapalooza to score the live pitches by their assigned teams.

Becoming a Technovation[MN] judge provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Network with community entrepreneurs and business leaders,
  • Be seen as an industry leader and promoter, and
  • Most importantly, inspire girls to contribute their essential voices to help make the world a better place through technology and entrepreneurship.

Commitment – Approximately ten hours during the first weeks of May, six hours to score the submissions and another four hours to participate in a judging panel at Appapalooza. Attendance at Appapalooza is mandatory to be a judge as this completes the feedback experience for the teams.

All judges will be required to sign an NDA. Judging panels will be selected to balance area of expertise and gender.

If you are interested in being a judge, please contact us.



Appapalooza 2018 will take place on Saturday, May 12th from 2-5pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We will need many volunteers to pull off this year’s event as we are expecting over 300 participants and 1000 attendees!

If interested in volunteering at Appapalooza please contact us.



Mentors can be educators, parents, technology, or business professionals, after school coordinators, etc.

Each mentor (or team of mentors) works with a team of 5 girls to guide them through each week of Technovation’s 12 or 20-week curriculum starting in January or October. The October start date is suggested for new teams to get acclimated to the program.

Girls see their mentors as role models and look to them for guidance on how to overcome obstacles and solve problems when working on challenging projects. Teams of 2 to 4 mentors can divide the topics they mentor (e.g. one helping with coding, one helping with business topics, etc) or alternate attendance from one week to the next.

Some mentors have a background in computer science, but many do not. The primary value students receive from mentors is access to a role model and stories of real-world experiences. Mentors might not know the answer to every question their teams ask them, but they have experienced not knowing all the answers in the past and can guide the teams to move forward anyway.

Participants – Professionals in the education, technology, engineering, or business fields

Eligibility – Comfort and confidence in learning and coaching, especially for technology products; prior coding or app development experience is welcome but not necessary

Commitment – 25-50 hours: 2+ hours per week for 12 weeks from Jan through Apr (meeting times for many teams are right after school, so workplace flexibility is important); or co-mentor and share the commitment with another mentor.

If you are interested in becoming a Technovation Challenge Mentor, please click the green mentor sign up button. If you have questions, please contact us.

Returning participants: After you click the link above, click the sign-in button right below Create an Account. You can use the same credentials as last year!



We are also looking for fundraisers, fiscal sponsors, presenters, event volunteers, and more.

If interested in volunteering in one of these other capacities please contact us.



Girls learn to code a few mobile apps in a free three-hour event using free software called AppInventor. Computers are available for each girl. We like to have a trainer and a few mentors in each classroom to ensure each girl gets the most out of our event. Must have App Inventor experience.

Commitment – approximately 5 hours total for one App Day.

If you are interested in being an App Day Mentor, please contact us.