2017 By the Numbers

Guest post by Jean Weiss, Code Savvy, Executive Director, and Technovation Regional Ambassador

Another record breaking year for Technovation[MN] is in the making. In this, our fourth year, we again we have more mentors, more students, and more teams than ever before. We have teams across the Twin Cities, both urban and suburban and teams in SE MN from Rochester to Pine Island, to Chatfield, to Stewartville, to Dodge Center. The stats….

  • 143 mentors (93 from the Twin Cities area and 50 from SE MN) from organizations as large as IBM, Mayo, Amazon, Thomson Reuters, Delta, U. S. Bank, and General Mills and smaller organizations such as Mentormate, PeopleNet, Prime Digital Academy, Exosite, and many more. What an awesome group of mentors and mentor companies!
  • 290 motivated and enthusiastic girls from 32 schools rockin’ the curriculum. Can’t wait for Appapalooza to see the innovation they created!
  • 66 teams – 54 Junior Division (Middle School) and 12 Senior Division (High School)
  • Many parents, grandparents, siblings, and school faculty and administrators cheering on these fantastic teams
  • And this year’s sponsors so far – four Petabyte level sponsors($10,000); Amazon, PeopleNet, U. S. Bank, and Target, two Terabyte level sponsors ($7,500); 3Five and Mentormate, and one Gigabyte level sponsor ($5,000); MultiTech  supporting this free tech-entrepreneurship program for girls in MN.

How does this compare to the 2016 Technovation[MN] year – LARGEST EVER! Just one year ago, we had 107 mentors, 200 students at 26 schools, and 50 teams (40 MS and 10 HS).

So hooray for all of the Technovation[MN] participants! Coming May 7 is our lively and inspiring Appapalooza where you can experience the results of innovation in action!.


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