2022 Participant Projects

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Team Name: Cancer Care Oasis

Team Members: Matilde Cabrera Bellolio, Samantha Saiki, Malina Iverson

Mentors: Eric Erpenbach, Thomas Yung

App Name: Cancer Care Oasis 

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps cancer patients and their families manage their health, well-being, and mental state.


Team Members: Isabella Garry

Mentors: Dan Garry

App Name: Zen Alpaca

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps students learn skills to help them cope with anxiety, ADHD, or low self-esteem through exercises and quizzes.

Team Name: Girl Scouts River Valleys – Caramel deLites

Team Members: Clara Kozlowicz, Vanessa Schwab, Abigail Woods

Mentors: Lauren McNaughton, Pam Straus, Jean Weiss

App Name: Tree of Choices

Pitch Video:

Description: Teaches people how to be kinder, empathetic, and friendly through quizzes and real-life examples.


Team Members: Kayla Miller, Ella Diskerud, Chloe Nold, RyLynn Hollar

Mentors: Liz McGlone, Leah Temple, Eric Simon, Kristi Harney, Shelby Kann

App Name: Feel Free

Pitch Video:


Description: Creates a safe place for pre-teens to learn skills for kindness and better engagement online.

Team Name: Girl Scouts River Valleys – Thin Mints

Team Members: Eleanor Fallon, Kamila Qiblawi, Sydney Hamilton

Mentors: Abigail Lown, Caitlin Steffen, Kathryn Downs

App Name: Timed Out

Pitch Video:

Description: Uses music, puzzles, and more to help you relax, as well as mentally plan, prepare, and schedule tasks to keep you organized and save time.

Team Name: Highland Friends

Team Members: Anna Walter, Violette Nelson, Brooke Roberts

Mentors: Isabella Boudreau, Ariel Kitch

App Name: Trash2Trees

Pitch Video:

Description: Educates users on the life cycle of trash so they can make better decisions about what they throw away.


Team Members: Grace Kaspar, Bhavagna Thumbeti, Larkin Geisinger, Aveesha Sircilla, Bhavagna Thumbeti

Mentors: Christopher Kaspar, Charlotte Thomasson, Hannah Roper

App Name: TechPet

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps you find missing pets by helping you design posters and also includes a community board for people who find roaming pets, to help them find their owners.

Team Name: Unleashed

Team Members: Madeline Davis, Alexandra Gonsalves, Molly Harstad

Mentors: Liz McGlone, Eric Simon, Leah Temple, Kristi Harney, Shelby Kann

App Name: Akita Training

Pitch Video:


Description: Teaches kids how to easily train their dog through gamification and rewards.

Team Name: TechnovationGirls

Team Members: Isha Gaur, Kareena Acharya, Emalyn Streifel, Sydney Fiereck, Suditya Singh

Mentors: Laurie Aaronson

App Name: Wag-N-Walk

Pitch Video:

Description: Matches kids with dog walking opportunities, or can help them find people who are willing to walk their dog if time or resources are limited.

Team Name: Team Besties

Team Members: Akshara chenna, Anvi Nyalpelli, Dhriti Singh, Isha Thottingal, Aranya Tomar

Mentors: Katryna Baune, Katy Archer

App Name: Trash Talk

Pitch Video:
Trash Talk App

Description: Helps you determine which items should go in the trash and which items should be recycled.



Team Members: Lily McNeilus, Sydney Naze, Genevieve Starkson, Roselyn Liudahl, Holly Harvey

Mentors: Patrick Floryance

App Name: Rockin’ Fitness

Pitch Video:


Description: Allows you to customize an exercise routine with fun characters to make it more enjoyable.

Team Name: Hope Academy Middle School

Team Members: Delaney Yamoah, Sarah Smith

Mentors: Courtney Castleberry


Pitch Video:

Description: Helps food lovers adopt healthier food habits.


Team Members: Ainsley Vaagenes, Eliana Weiss, Celine Sorour, Layan Sorour, Jo Hoffmann

Mentors: Rhonda Lindner, Michelle Brunik, Audra Howard

App Name: PickItUp

Pitch Video:

Description: Gets people up and moving while cleaning up their community.

Team Name: NorthSpirit

Team Members: Arsiema Feliche, Calyn Ehlers-Wilbur, Arwen leong

Mentors: Eric Erpenbach, Thomas Yung

App Name: Calm Down Dove

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps young adults develop better mental health skills, as well as offers a live connection feature if they need someone to talk to.

Team Name: Peanut Butter Patties

Team Members: Lydia Wolyniec, Jazleen Malherek-Osorio, Hailey French, Genevieve (Evie) O’Neill

Mentors: Anna Cieslukowski, Goldie Tugonon, Tim Van Cleave

App Name: Stressless

Pitch Video:

Description: Provides calming, fun activities to help users relax and decrease stress levels.

Team Name: Quantum Quintuplets

Team Members: Shreya Sekar, Pooja Dwarakanath, Advika Chaudhari, Archana Menon, Sitara Ranasinghe

Mentors: Elena Smith, Meilin Zhu, Afrooz Ansaripour, Mitchell Smith, Kurt Schuepfer

App Name: Chatable

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps middle and high school students readapt to social life after Covid in a safe, community-focused way.

Team Name: Team Spring

Team Members: Abby Hunzelman, Gracia Pike, Greta Hemingsen, Grace Konik

Mentors: Kristi Harney, Liz McGlone, Eric Simon, Leah Temple, Shelby Kann

App Name: The Plant Post

Pitch Video:

Description: Designed to be a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading plants.


Team Members: Rebecca Sandeen, Tenley Read, Aubry Wroge

Mentors: Amber Kester, Nicole McGrath

App Name: Don’t Stray

Pitch Video:

Description: Provides tools such as journaling and breathing exercises for users to manage their mental health.

Team Name: Top_Hat_Panda_Coders

Team Members: Rocky Harrop, Ava Lacher, Elyssa Gustafson

Mentors: Austen Kruzeski, Kevin Stockard, Sophia Spear, Loring Harrop

App Name: Moodial

Pitch Video:

Description: Helps young adults manage and improve their mental health standing.



Team Members: Lillian Hanson, Elizabeth Schieffelbein, Josie Koenigs, Ana da Silva

Mentors: Jessica Hanson

App Name: SustainAid

Pitch Video:

Description: Provides resources for reducing waste, recycling, and informing users about sustainable brands.


Team Members: Shriya Srinivas, Evelyn Hwang, Kavya Prasad, Prarthana Keshavaram

Mentors: Elizabeth O’Leary, Ann Dixon, Margaret Zimmermann, Renee Lee

App Name: Green Vision

Pitch Video:

Description: Teaches recycling and conservation skills through gamification in partnership with waste disposal companies and industries with a large volume of waste.

Team Name: COVID Safe

Team Members: Alexandra Rimbu, Kairavi Chandra, Raaga Sirna

Mentors: Kate Indrelie

App Name: SAFE (safety and flight information)

Pitch Video:

Description: Allows users to connect with others to review and share information about the safety of the places they are planning to visit as it relates to COVID-related practices and information.


Team Members: Reema Ibrahim, Caitlin Rooney, Reeha Ibrahim, Sydney Killilea, Priyanka Suresh

Mentors: Christina Llamas, Paul Llamas

App Name: Blood Bud

Pitch Video:

Description: Calculates and logs carbohydrate intake, simplifying dietary measurements for people with diabetes and other conditions sensitive to blood sugar spikes. Includes emergency info and community resources for users.

Team Name:

Team Members: Elise Buzzell, Emma Lawrence

Mentors: Corey Buzzell

App Name: Plannter

Pitch Video:

Description: Teachers can use to upload lessons and use a leaderboard within the app to motivate students to complete their assignments.

Team Name: Infiniti

Team Members: Thanishka Shetty, Ruhi Malgi, Zoke Sackih, Sreya Subramanian, Zali Akiba

Mentors: Huy Nguyen

App Name: Pathway

Pitch Video:

Description: Provides career-based information, tailored to each individual user. Focuses on connecting users to mentors in their field of interest and access to resources to help them on their journey.

Team Name: Technokrats

Team Members: Anushka Kollengode, Sreyoli Bhattacharya, Khushi Kancharla

Mentors: Chris Cavanagh

App Name: adAPPt

Pitch Video:

Description: Designed to help English Language learners navigate resources in categories such as money conversion, legal help, stores, and community resource centers.


Team Members: Grace Li, Ava Illingworth, Ava McNanley, Grace Illingworth

Mentors: Heidi Seymore, Catherine (Cathy) Sandberg

App Name: Study Style

Pitch Video:

Description: Gives users lessons in a learning style that is best suited for them. A short quiz identifies the learning style and then unique, curated resources are provided in that style for ease of use.

Team Name: Wild Kratts

Team Members: Fiona Long, Winifred Fritz-Durocher, Fiona Shaack, Norah Vogt, Allison House

Mentors: Mark Miller

App Name: WomanUp

Pitch Video:

Description: Connects female students with female mentors in the fields where they are underrepresented.

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