A Letter to our Community

These are unprecedented times and we are grateful for your patience as we work through constantly changing guidelines. The closures of late and COVID-19 visualizations and models have put an even brighter spotlight on the importance of technology in our world. The mission and focus of Technovation[MN] remains of utmost priority as diverse teams will have the greatest opportunity to solve our world’s problems. It is with a heavy heart that we must report that Appapalooza 2020 on May 9, as well as any remaining in person meetings, will be canceled. The positive news is that Technovation[MN] has the framework in place to continue. 

For mentors, the team registration has been extended to March 30 and the completion deadline extended to May 4. The amazing thing about our program is that it can continue in extraordinary times like this. We are encouraging all teams to meet virtually and have provided them with several online collaboration tools to use.

Keeping the momentum of sparking interest in technology and entrepreneurship is important in times like this to build online community, to showcase the importance of technology, and to prepare a new generation of diverse teams with tools to mitigate and prevent situations such as the current. 

For judges, while no other experience can duplicate the excitement of judging live pitches for local teams, you can still provide an important role in this process. You are encouraged to register as a judge for the global program. All Minnesota teams completing the challenge, will submit to the global program and judges will assess all global entries. Judge signup is not open at this time, but you can fill out a form here to be notified when registration is open. More information on judging can be found here (choose the ‘judge’ role). 

Doing all we can to ensure a safe and healthy world is top priority. Preparing for the future, a future that enables diverse teams, armed with technology and innovative thinking skills, focused on the challenges of their communities, makes us proud and optimistic about the work we do, and so grateful for the support of our community.

Thank you and be safe. 

Lisa Schlosser, Executive Director
and the Technovation[MN] Board

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