Past Regional Winners


All Minnesota teams competed this year at the global level. Because of the pandemic, Appapalooza was canceled and there was no regional competition. Seven teams, however, overcame the challenges of social distancing and were chosen as global semi-finalists. They are the elite among the 5,400 girls from 62 countries who created a total of 1,520 mobile apps during this extraordinary spring of COVID-19. Congratulations to the 2020 winners.

Junior Division Semifinalists

Paws for a Cause by #WEARE From Parkview Center and Chippewa Middle School
Paws for a Cause is an app that allows those, especially targeted toward seniors, who are affected by loneliness to be able to overcome the isolation surrounding them by getting a virtual pet visit.
Pitch Video

Global Educators Connect (GEC) by Fantabulous From Yinghua Academy
GEC provides teachers, who are teaching abroad, with resources to help connect new teachers to more experienced educators, easing cultural differences.
Pitch Video 

Online Acceleration by The Malefron Tutors From Wayzata East Middle School
Online Acceleration is an app to aid students through challenging classes by providing a chat room with a tutor, videos, practice problems, and extra resources.
Pitch Video

Senior Division Semifinalists

Me 2.0 by {APP}ply Yourself From Chatfield High School
Me 2.0 is an app to help improve the mental health of teenagers and young adults.
Pitch Video

Operation Serenity by CASP Technologies From Century High School and Stewartville High School
Operation Serenity uses a kid-friendly surgery simulation to provide the visual needed to foster a healthy relationship between a child and their surgery experience. The app also recognizes the emotional aspects of surgery by having an animal companion and community support through resources of local support groups, organizations, and events.
Pitch Video 

Bin There by Team KID From Friedell Middle School and Mayo High School
Bin There is an app to help find trash and recycling bins and encourages users to be responsible for the environment aware lifestyle.
Pitch Video

SapLang by Team Orchids From Century High School
SapLang is a mobile application designed to address the challenges of language barriers by providing a tutoring platform. SapLang’s primary goal is to create a support system for English Language Learner (ELL) students by matching them with multilingual students at the same school.
Pitch Video


348 girls on 87 teams presented mobile apps and 9 of those teams will move on to the semi-finals for a chance to compete at the global Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge. The full Appapalooza program can be found here.

Junior Division Regional Winners

LFP by Likable Fantabulous Pandas From Yinghua Academy
LFP provides a way to connect those who want to help, with those in need thru Little Free Pantries.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Safe Sphere by Sporty Techies From Friedell Middle School, Kellogg Middle School, and Willow Creek Middle School
Safe Sphere is designed for depressed young adults to support them when in need. Whether they just had a bad day, want to relax after a crazy day, or would like to seek professional help in a desperate situation, Safe Sphere is there to support them.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Cure by Team Cure From St. Francis Assisi
Cure includes educational games to help hospitalized or ill children heal with positive visualization. In this app kids “fight” diseases to help them feel empowered. Their goal is to help occupy children in the hospital and to help them heal.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

InsuBuddy by Innovative Inventors From Lighthouse School
InsuBuddy will help diabetics find a pharmacy that is selling insulin for the cheapest price.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Pura by H2O Ladies From Minnetonka Middle School
Pura is an app to educate our younger generation about the importance of keeping Minneasota bodies of water clean. Our app has a game, challenges and articles to read.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

FoodLink by Coding Cookies From Yinghua Academy
Foodlink is an app that links people with extra food to food shelves and links food shelves to people who are hungry. Our app aims to solve the community problems of Food Waste and Hunger.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Senior Division Regional Winners

UHouse by Savvy From Lighthouse School
UHouse solves two problems: elderly struggling to age in place, and homeless youth struggling to survive on the streets. UHouse solves these issues by connecting the two groups through a chat, a search and a profile.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

GiveBack by Computer Glitz From Eagan High School and Dakota Hills Middle School
GiveBack is a donation pick-up solution. Donors schedule a pick-up, and organizations process the request. GiveBack increase donations by making the process of donation easier, stopping our world’s ever-growing waste.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Rate My Day by Tech200 From Stewartville High School
Every day is made up of events, both good and bad, that shape a person’s emotions. If these events are allowed to be quantified and therefore tracked, it is possible to see a trend of emotion in time. This is the goal of Rate My Day, an app designed to make a user’s day count.
Pitch Video | Demo Video


74 teams presented mobile apps and 9 of those teams will move on to the semi-finals for a chance to compete at the global Technovation Challenge in San Francisco. The full Appapalooza program can be found here.

Junior Division Regional Winners

Boxed in by Black Blitz From Falcon Ridge Middle School
Rebox & Recycle with Boxed In. Our app allows you to exchange boxes with others and find recycle centers in order to save trees.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Virtual Vault by Cryptic Coders From Falcon Ridge Middle School
Cyber protection app that oversees a teen’s entire cyber profile through prevention, authentication and notifications.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

CARe2Share by Earth’s Best Friends Forever (EBFF) From Yinghua Academy
 CARe2Share is an easy-to-use app that allows people to save gas, money, time and the earth by carpooling. The app encourages people, like parents, to carpool instead of just driving their kids alone to activities or events.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Planet A by Greentech From St. Paul Academy and Summit School
The goal of PlanetA is to help middle schoolers and teens find ways to help the environment without having to make huge lifestyle changes.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

CommUnity Connections by The Hackers From Victoria Elementary
CommUnity Connections helps homeless people find resources to reduce the burden of their situation with links to shelters, food shelves, employment and more. This app also provides encouragement and inspiration to assure them they are not alone.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

SheHaven by Innovative Inventors From Lighthouse School
SheHaven is focused on helping women in crisis. This app draws attention to domestic violence in hopes that the public will get involved and empower women to make the right decisions.”
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Senior Division Regional Winners

Bridge by B.A.S.I.C. B.A.L.S.A.  From Rochester Schools & BDPA
All people, no matter their nationality, should have equal opportunities to better themselves and others without the lack of resources preventing their success. Bridge helps provide immigrants with resources they need to improve their quality of life in a foreign community.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

UnderStudy by COMIDA Club & Co. From Delasalle High School
UnderStudy is meant to connect students and tutors within the same student body in a cost-effective way to ensure their students are academically supported outside of the classroom.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Hands On by Computer Glitz from Eagan High School & Dakota Hills Middle School
Help students plan for their futures. Hands On empowers users to take hold of their future by providing info about community, trade and vocational schools. Users are guided through processes to choose a school & career.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video


We keep growing! Sixty-one (61) Technovation[MN] teams competed at Appapalooza and we had over 900 supporters cheering our girls on. It was a spectacular event. With this many teams we are able to send 7 middle school teams and 2 high school teams to semi-finals. The full Appapalooza program can be found here.

Junior Division Regional Winners

Eye of the Walleye created by G.I.R.L.S. can H.A.K.
Maple Grove Middle School, Maple Grove MN – Eye on Walleye was developed to provide a more accurate and real-time track of the fishing population.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Ulocate Food Banks created by The Tech-Tastics
St. John the Evangelist, Rochester MN – Ulocate Food Banks can help find how to donate food, volunteer, and see if you are eligible to receive food.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

The Power of You built by the 4 Musketeers
Chaska Middle School East, Chaska MN – Power of You allows you to research worldwide issues such as poverty, health, equality, and environment to learn why it’s a problem, how you can take a stand, and what’s happening currently.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Stop A Drop created by the Her-ricanes.
Chatfield Public Schools, Chatfield MN – Stop A Drop was developed to help the environment by encouraging adolescents to save water.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Ecation built by the Blazing Arrows
Lighthouse Schools, Spring Lake Park MN – Ecation helps give students the financial help that they need to follow their dreams and be able to go to college.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

MDH Eats Safe! created by Hillcrest Tech Girlz 2.0
Hillcrest Community School, Bloomington MN – MDH Eats Safe! Allows individuals to submit information about their foodborne illnesses.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Carbon Tracker created by JA Technovation
John Adams Middle School, Rochester MN – Carbon Tracker is an app used for calculating your carbon footprint.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Senior Division Regional Winners

VIA created by SKeMAS
BDPA, Rochester MN – Via is a safe driving app that increases peace in parents and teens by creating safer roads and healthier lives.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video

Early Learner by the Spice Angels
Como Park Senior High School, St. Paul MN – Our app’s mission is to support young immigrant and refugee children to learn how to read before starting school.
Pitch Video |    Demo Video


Fifty (50) Technovation[MN] teams competed at this year’s Appapalooza! We had 100% of our teams finish the 12-week technology-entrepreneur curriculum. In attendance were over 600 supporters. It was standing room only. The vibe was phenomenal; girls dancing, singing, screaming. All excited to be a part of a strong tech community. The full Appapalooza program can be found here.

This year we will send 7 teams to the Semi-Final round of the global Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge.

Middle School Regional Winners

Ace Assisted created by J.A.T.S 
St. Francis Assisi, Rochester MN – Ace Assisted is an app that help you find the perfect Rochester-area assisted living center.
Pitch Video  |    Demo Video

Meals on Wheels coded by Computer Glitz
Dakota Hills Middle School, Eagan MN – The Meals on Wheels app improves the lives of Meals on Wheels clients, eases the work of volunteers, and connects people in the Meals on Wheels system.
Pitch Video  |  Demo Video

Mission 2020 by Furst-Class Techies
Kasson-Mantorville Schools, Kasson-Mantorville MN – This educational app brings awareness to sex trafficking.  It provides facts, vocabulary, red flags, reasons victims stay and additional resources for obtaining help.
Pitch Video  |  Demo Video

SubWayfinder coded by the Wayfinders 
St. John the Evangelist, Rochester MN – Do you have problems navigating the Rochester-Mayo subway? SubWAYfinder addresses problems such as finding places to eat, shop, and anything in between.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Help! I’m Hungry created by the Tech-ATS
BDPA Middle School, Rochester MN – Help! I’m Hungry is an easy way to find free food for people who can not afford to buy meals or groceries.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

High School Regional Winners

CharterConnect coded by Team Tater Tot
Avalon School, St. Paul MN – CharterConnect works as a resource bank, a network for teachers to connect and an event calendar, all in one.
Pitch Video | Demo Video

Volunteerium created by the Feminists & STEMinists
Byron School, Byron MN – Our app “Volunteerium” will connect small communities, starting with our hometown of Byron, Minnesota
Pitch Video | Demo Video


Appapalooza was a HUGE success! We had 22 middle school teams and 6 high school teams complete the 12-week curriculum and ‘pitch’ their app at Appapalooza on Sunday, May 3 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The house was full with over 400 supporters. The energy in the room was palpable. There was dancing, singing, cheers and tears of joy! All of the girls totally rocked their pitches and we are so incredibly proud of all of our teams! The full Appapalooza program can be found here.

Based upon the number of Minnesota entries, we are able to send three middle school teams and one high school team to the global semi-final round.  Our 23 judges followed our global judging rubric to select the following Technovation[MN] Appapalooza winners:

Middle School Regional Champions:

Mayo Freetime built by Furst Class from Kasson-Mantorville, Rochester Pitch Video | Demo Video
Access196 built by Falcon Ridge Middle School Team Apple Valley Pitch Video | Demo Video
School@Home built by the Nerdettes from Central Middle School, Norwood Young America

High School Regional Champion:

AbroadNet built by Technovation[MN]-IT from Trinity High School at River Ridge and Connections Academy Pitch Video | Demo Video

Best Technical App – ShelterMe built by Escape the Cage from Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka Pitch Video
Best Entrepreneurial App – The Babysitters Guide to Success built by Computer Glitz from Dakota Hills Middle School, Eagan Pitch Video

Best Pitch – Hurt Alert built by M-KATS, BDPA, Rochester
Best Pitch – Neighbor Chat built by The Weasties at Minnetonka Middle School East & West, Minnetonka
Best Pitch – Give & Take built by Fab 4 Below, Valley View Middle School, Edina
Best Pitch – Little Helper built by Girls Coding, Bunch of friends

Code Savvy, Best Technical – DogTrax built by Victoria TechTrax from Chaska Middle School East, Chaska
Code Savvy, Best Technical – UNITE built by CRCS Lady Warrior from Cedar Riverside Community School, Minneapolis

Congratulations to our 2015 Technovation[MN] winners and participants and to all those who helped them get there!


2014 was the very first year Minnesota had teams participate in the global Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge. We had 11 teams compete and ‘pitch’ their mobile app at our state pitch event, Appapalooza. Each team competing had to build an app in one of the following categories: teen issue, women’s issue or build an app for a non-profit. Each of these apps was created by a team of 5 high school or middle school girls and submitted to the global Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge. The full Appapalooza program can be found here. Take a look at their inspiring work.

Laura Jeffrey Academy
7 Musketeers
French Toast Mafia
Tech Leopards

Great River School
Talk Nerdy to Me
VS Technologies

Avalon School
Team Charity Box

Weaver Lake Elementary

Como Park Senior High
Sapphire Stars