Appapalooza 2021 Pitch Winners

Congratulations on a successful Technovation[MN] season. It has been a challenging one, with social distancing, long conference calls, and collaboration in virtual-only mode. You persevered. You believed. You worked hard. You listened. You learned. You did it! 

At Appapalooza 2021, we honored 10 teams as local winners. In a non-pandemic year, these teams would automatically advance in the global competition. In our special pandemic year, we wanted to do something special to honor our Minnesota teams, so we built our own judging rubric, and created an environment where the girls could pitch live to a panel of judges to win local prizes. These were the teams that came out on top. Check out this video to see a short highlight of each team and read below for more detailed information. We are inspired! Congratulations!

The following teams were honored as Appapalooza 2021 Pitch Winners. 

Junior Division:


Team: Axolotls

App Name: Relaxolotl

Team Members:

  • Greta Ausman
  • Lily Woyak
  • Chaltu Kedir
  • Anna Kedir

Get rid of mental baggage from your long day with thought inspiring stories to help you learn about yourself and tasks to get your body moving. Relaxolotl is for young people between the ages of 12 and 15.

Pitch Video


Team: Sunshine Daisies

App Name: Grow A Garden

Team Members:

  • Alexis Swintek
  • Ava Ryan
  • Allie Fleener

Grow A Garden’s mission is to grow gardens to donate fresh produce to the local food bank by helping communities come together to set up and manage their own community garden.

Pitch Video


Team: Team Discoveries

App Name: GreenWear

Team Members

  • Ruchira Prasad
  • Reeha Ibrahim
  • Sitara Ranasinghe 
  • Nikki Boddeti

GreenWear aims to raise awareness around clothing waste by helping people learn which clothing materials can harm the environment. Our goal for GreenWear is to help people become more aware about this situation to make a difference.

Pitch Video


Team: tEGGnovation

App Name: Salt & Pepper

Team Members:

  • Ria Mehta
  • Snigdah Kothareddy
  • Sanjana Kollipara
  • Shritha Devarajui
  • Keerthana Ganesha Murthy

Have you ever gone to a grocery store to find a particular item only to leave empty-handed? Salt and Pepper helps you find items that are uncommon in stores. In the app food categories for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and sugar-free help your search. Maps will direct you to a destination and ratings and reviews help you evaluate the stores. 

Pitch Video


Team: WMS 2

App Name: Chaptr

Team Members

  • Ava McNanley
  • Grace Li
  • Ava Illingworth
  • Aadhya Subramanian

Chaptr is an app designed specifically to support small authors (to promote and find readers) and young readers (to find books that spark interest). The mission is to establish a community that benefits both small authors and young adult readers. 

Pitch Video

Senior Division:


Team: {APP}ply Yourself

App Name: ME 2.0

Team Members:

  • Josie Koenigs
  • Lelani Clifford
  • Lillian Hanson
  • Elizabeth Schieffelbein

ME 2.0’s goal is to help improve the mental health of teenagers and young adults who are seeking help or trying to assist others with a mental illness by providing a breathing buddy, growth mindset keyboard, stress relief games, med checklist, mood tracker, and resources.

Pitch Video


Team: CASP Technologies

App Name: Operation Serenity

Team Members:

  • Anjali Donthi
  • Caitlin McWilliams
  • Sarah Bulur

Operation Serenity is an Android application that taps into a market to reduce anxiety in pediatric patients aged 8-15 by harnessing kid-friendly images and surgical sounds of general surgery procedures and displaying them in a step-by-step manner that both educates and engages pediatric surgery patients. Operation Serenity also helps pediatric patients to reduce stress by informing them of fun local events and activities.

Pitch Video


Team: Computer Glitz

App Name: MotusSign

Team Members

  • Nora Dixon
  • Clare Dixon
  • Eleanor Sprinthall
  • Ashley Chen
  • Prapthi Jayesh Sirrkay

35% of people face difficulties communicating with deaf or hard of hearing customers. 87% ranked their communication methods as inadequate. MotusSign helps ease the communication deficit in retail settings between American Sign Language users and employees through a library of ASL signs allowing for two-way communication.

Pitch Video


Team: Herstory Makers!

App Name: A.P.P. (Anti-Peer Pressure)

Team Members:

  • Srijani Datta
  • Shradha Goel
  • Aadya Pandey
  • Ajira Pandey
  • Astha Sharma

APP spreads awareness of negative peer pressure situations for children ages 6 to 13.  Using game methodologies, users execute 12 different scenarios, selecting correct options to better understand negative peer pressure. Multiple scores are compared to evaluate your progress.

Pitch Video


Team: TechnoKrats

App Name: Green3

Team Members

  • Sreyoli Bhattacharya
  • Anushka Kollengode
  • Khushi Kancharla

Green3’s focus is on reducing the carbon footprint, a key strategy to address global climate change. Green3 makes recycling easy, accessible, and encourages users to be responsible for a lifestyle of environmental awareness by showing them green businesses, options to keep a clean environment, and education for how to leave a sustainable environment for the next generation.

Pitch Video

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