Being an Appapalooza judge: No CS experience required

Guest post by Angie Kalthoff, a Technology Integrationist in for the St. Cloud Area School District 742. She consults with organizations that want to understand the why, what and how behind Computer Science in the K-12 setting, with a focus on elementary education.

I am excited to see how girls, right here in Minnesota, will change the world.

I volunteered to be a to judge at Technovation 2017 because I am passionate about making a difference. I look forward to seeing the creative projects girls create to help solve real-world issues. This is how I show them my support and you can too!

I believe we need to empower our students at a young age through educational activities with real-world application. “Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders.” I am driven to helping girls and underrepresented populations gain access to Computer Science (CS) education.

My background as an English Language teacher, not one that you would think of for a judge in a CS competition. But you do not have to have a background in CS to help! I learned about Technovation through an educational program three years ago. Over the past few years, I have been learning why CS education at an early age is vital, what it looks like, and how to implement.

Since the beginning of Technovation eight years ago, 15,000 girls have participated in the competition worldwide and developed mobile apps and startups that solved problems. The fields impacted include a diverse range including food waste, nutrition, women’s safety and much more. Someday, I hope to coach a team in Central Minnesota. Until that day, I will do my part as a judge. You can be involved too. Here are a few options:

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