Cargill Foundation partners with Technovation[MN], technology to inspire girls in the Twin Cities

Technovation[MN] teams up with the Cargill Foundation receiving a two-year grant and numerous employees volunteering their time and expertise to mentor girls in the Twin Cities.

Technovation[MN], a Twin Cities-based organization, works to bring technology and entrepreneurial programs to Minnesota’s girls to spark interest, build technical knowledge and develop confidence. Girls ages 10-18 have the opportunity to build an application that solves real problems in their communities. The teams work through an intense 3-month 50-hour curriculum, and at the celebratory event in May, Appapalooza, they pitch their applications to community business and academic leaders who volunteer as judges for the event.

This program teaches many skills including coding, teambuilding, problem solving, writing, persuasion, presentation, and overall confidence. It inspires and empowers girls to leverage technology to make a positive impact.

“Mentoring is a key role in the program. Participating girls gain incredible technology and business knowledge from the business leaders, educators, and parents that often take on the role of mentor. The more mentors we have, the more girls we can reach. We are excited to be partnering with the amazing talent at Cargill to fill these vital roles,” said Shawn Stavseth, Technovation[MN] Co-Founder.

Technovation[MN] focuses on technology and entrepreneurial opportunities specifically for girls because engineers are the second largest STEM occupational group, but only one out of seven engineers are female.

“At Cargill we believe innovation not only will enable us to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, but it will also help us close the opportunity gap for children in the Twin Cities,” said Michelle Grogg, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Cargill and Executive Director of the Cargill Foundation. “We are proud to partner with organizations like Technovation[MN], who use technology and innovation to empower young women, and solve real problems in the communities in which we live.”

The Cargill Foundation sees a direct link between providing Minnesota’s youth equitable access to education as a pathway to prosperous careers and delivering innovative solutions to the world. Technovation[MN] believes everyone should have access and encouragement to succeed in our tech-driven world. Science and technology are two major keys to making the planet of tomorrow a better, more sustainable place. Together, with the continued support and investment in STEM programs we help equip the next generation to lead the way forward.

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