Common Mentor Questions And Answers

Common Mentor Questions And Answers

The Technovation Challenge inspires and enables teen girls to dream up, design, code and business pitch mobile apps. The all-girl teams develop a real-world combination of technical and entrepreneurial skills working with their professional mentors.

But still not sure what it takes to be a mentor? Or if you are the right fit? Check out these commonly asked questions here to help:

Do I need to know code?
No coding or app development experience is required. You will still be able to help the girls. The girls will need mentorship as they develop their business pitch on the app including everything from revenue plans to operations to marketing. But, if you want to learn a new skill, you could learn code right along with the girls!

Do I need to have materials prepared?
Nope. No materials are required. Technovation provides mentors with a fully developed curriculum that focuses on computer science and business. We do recommend that you review the materials ahead of time to help the girls focus and encourage teamwork.

How do I know what to focus on each week?
Technovation has a fully developed curriculum with areas of focus for each week of the challenge.

How do I get paired with a school?
Mentors are asked for their location preference. Normally, they pick a location near their work or home. Mentors rank their top three schools to ensure it meets their schedule and location preferences.

What if I want a certain school? Or a specific team? Or a student?
Mentors can request a specific school, team or student and we will match them accordingly.

Would I be mentoring a team of girls by myself?
Most teams are assigned more than one mentor so the time commitment can be shared between mentors.

What if I can’t always make it?
Since most teams are assigned more than one mentor just communicate with your mentor team ahead of time.

What is the estimated amount of time a week?
Mentors typically meet with teams at their school once a week. Teams meet after school for about 2 hours


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Still not sure? Attend our App Day Jan 12 to learn more about the curriculum. RSVP here


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