Design a Climate Change Themed T-Shirt for Appapalooza

In Minnesota, we embrace our winters, but our beloved state is warming. Over the past 130 years, our state has warmed by nearly three degrees while averaging more than three inches of additional annual rainfall (data courtesy of the Science Museum of Minnesota). Climate change is real and so are the challenges it represents. 

Technovation[MN] inspires girls to build technology to address challenges in their communities. This year, we are expanding our multidisciplinary approach by introducing a new challenge – a t-shirt design contest leveraging your creative take on climate awareness. 

We want Technovation[MN] girls, past and present, to design a t-shirt that sends a message about climate change and encompasses the values of Technovation[MN] to inspire and empower girls to build and leverage technology to make an impact on their communities. The winning design will receive $150 and be featured at the 2022 Appapalooza celebratory and live pitch event in May!


Let’s uplift each other and take action. Climate change awareness is imperative if we want to protect the earth and all of the animals and people who live here. This starts with increasing awareness about climate change – the theme for the T-shirt contest. See submission guidelines below. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • T-shirt with a black background with white and golden rod (yellow) writing
  • Image should be designed on a 12 x 12 inch canvas
  • Digital or drawing
  • No dates should be included (Ex.: Technovation 2022)
  • Open to all students ages: 8-18
  • Theme: Climate Awareness
  • Must be an ORIGINAL design!!!
  • Submit using a .jpg or .png file type
  • Keep it very simple for printing

There is a $150 prize for the winning design!!

When you’ve got your design ready to go, take a picture of it, then come here and…SUBMIT!

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