Technovation Girls Registration

TechnovationMN Team

Do you want to fix something, change something, invent something?

Come join our Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge community of over 80 teams of girls in a 12-week long program that teaches girls how to build a mobile app that solves a real problem in your community. Registration is open now until January 14th. 

With our community of skilled mentors in ideation, marketing, business development, user experience design, and software development, you will learn industry-relevant skills and the opportunity to compete in a global competition. At the culmination of the challenge, teams pitch and demo their app to a panel of judges of prospective investors and industry professionals at our state pitch event, Appapalooza. The semi-finalists compete on a regional level, and finalists are selected to fly to Silicon Valley where they pitch to Senior Executives from large and small corporations in the hopes of winning seed funding and help to commercialize your app.

Many of our Appapalooza winners will continue to refine their idea and app and go on to compete in other regional competitions such as the Minnesota Cup Youth Division and Minnedemo. Many teams have such a great time that they come back, year after year!

In middle school, 74% of girls express interest in STEM fields, but only 0.4% of female college freshmen plan to major in Computer Science. This lack of participation in such an important and growing field has serious consequences for the future of technological innovation. If women aren’t represented in technology, your ideas, concerns, and designs won’t be included when we create the cities, cars, infrastructure, medicines, communications, companies, and governments of tomorrow. Teach a girl to code she can create anything she sees missing in this world.