Inspire the next generation of women coders

Our mission is to inspire and enable Minnesota teen girls to dream up, design, code and pitch mobile phone apps. We provide completely free information, resources, and encouragement for Technovation[MN] Challenge teams at no charge, and we don’t do it alone. Explore the many ways to be involved with Technovation[MN] and find the right opportunity for you.


Become a technology entrepreneur and develop a mobile app prototype that solves a real problem in your local community. Middle school and high school girls (up to age 18) who reside in the state of Minnesota are invited to participate on a Technovation[MN]. Participation is completely free and fun! Each team is comprised of up to five girls who research, design and build a mobile app prototype that solves a problem in their community. Mentors working in the technology or engineering industries are assigned to each team. At the conclusion of the three-month program, teams pitch their apps, at Appapalooza, to prospective investors and receive feedback and ideas from technology experts. Most teams use MIT’s App Inventor to build prototypes.
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Technovation Teachers might be school teachers, after school program leaders, parents, or community leaders. They recruit teams of girls to participate on Technovation[MN] teams or be team mentors. They also provide a safe space with internet access where teams can work, coordinate with the teams’ mentors and supervise their teams throughout the three-month program.
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Mentors work with a team of girls to guide them through the Technovation curriculum. Girls see their mentors as role models and look to them for guidance to overcome obstacles and solve problems on challenging projects. Mentors can be, but are not required to be, parents of team participants.

Experts in various fields are needed to occasionally meet with teams to coach them on specific skills that can help them develop, pitch and market their app. Experts in business, marketing, app development, engineering, public speaking or any other applicable area are encouraged to volunteer with us.

Event volunteers are needed to support the various one- and two-day events hosted by Technovation[MN] every year. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the organization and support our growing events.
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Supporting the development of young women in Minnesota today will make a positive impact on our communities and our businesses tomorrow and for generations to come. Your generosity can help young women build confidence, expertise and realize their entrepreneurial potential.
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