Technovation[MN] teachers might be school teachers, after school program leaders, parents, or community leaders. They recruit teams of girls to participate in the program, provide a safe space with internet access where they can work, coordinate with the teams’ mentors, and supervise their teams throughout the 3-month program.

Technovation[MN] teachers who are also school teachers often supervise their teams in the classroom after school. Some computer science teachers have also incorporated Technovation Girls’ curriculum into their classroom work. Technovation Girls’ curriculum is based on the ISTE student standards of technology.

Participants – Teachers in any subject or other adult supervisors, both men and women
Commitment – 60 hours: supervise students, coordinate mentors and meeting space, ensure internet and computer access, and oversee teams as they complete the curriculum
Responsibility – Recruit teams in local schools; 25-30 girls per school recommended in the first year
Provide Work Space – Requires computer access for each team and an internet connection

Teachers supervise the girls while they work independently and with their mentors on Technovation[MN]’s technology coursework. You can partner with another teacher to share the responsibilities if you choose.

Consider filling out this participation intent form to get more information on the program or express interest in participating in the current Technovation[MN] season.

Contact us to learn how to start a team here in Minnesota.