Mentors, Judges & Volunteers


Volunteer your time as a mentor to support students’ learning! Work with young people and help them learn how to build technology that will shape their futures! Mentors can be educators, parents, technology, or business professionals, after school coordinators, etc.

For a quick overview, see our Mentor Flyer.

Each mentor (or team of mentors) works with a team of up to 5 girls to guide them through each week of Technovation Girls’ 12 week curriculum starting in January or earlier. 

Girls see their mentors as role models and look to them for guidance on how to overcome obstacles and solve problems when working on challenging projects. Many teams are assigned more than one mentor so the commitment can be shared between mentors. Teams of mentors can divide the topics they mentor (e.g. one helping with coding, one helping with business topics, etc) or alternate attendance from one week to the next. Technovation Girls provides mentors with a fully developed curriculum. 

Eligibility – Mentors can be of any gender and over the age of 18. Prior coding or app development experience is welcome but not necessary.

Commitment – Mentors typically meet with teams virtually or at their school once a week, after school, usually between the hours of 3 pm – 6 pm, for 1-2 hours. Times vary based on team and mentor availability.

Registration for mentors for the 2022-2023 season is now open!



We are looking for business and technology professionals to be judges for Appapalooza 2022. Becoming a Technovation[MN] judge provides a unique opportunity to hear live pitches from girls’ teams participating in Technovation[MN] programs. You will be able to ask questions and support these girls early in their technology and entrepreneur journey. As part of the Technovation Girls global program, you will help judge pitches, business cases, and mobile applications from girls around the world.

For a quick overview, see our Judge Flyer.
For further information, please see our Judges FAQ.

Judges will score submissions and provide constructive feedback for five or more teams using an official judging rubric.


As a Technovation Girls Judge, you will need to…

  • Commit 5 hours to preview submissions
  • Pre-rank teams who will pitch their ideas at our local event, Appapalooza
  • Attend Appapalooza in May, listen to live pitches, ask questions, and adjust scoring/ranking as necessary
  • Complete a 30 minute training and learn what problems girls around the world care deeply about
  • Provide feedback to help girls continue to learn

Judging panels will be selected to balance areas of expertise and gender.

The signup for judges is closed for the season. Please add your name to our mailing list for next season’s judging opportunities.


As a volunteer, you will help us:

  • Set up and organize sponsor tables, check-in materials and programs
  • Be the first point of contact to engage and generate excitement for our teams and their families by directing them to the check-in tables and presentation rooms
  • Check in teams and mentors and send them to their presentation location
  • Engage with teams as an emcee in the pitch presentation rooms to support presentations to the live judges
  • Work with sponsors to monitor their tables during the program

In order to be eligible to be an Appapalooza Volunteer, you must be available on the date of Appapalooza. You can sign up to volunteer for all or part of the event. Help us inspire the next generation of women coders and join us as an Appapalooza Volunteer!

  • Inspire girls to contribute their essential voices to help make the world a better place through technology and entrepreneurship
  • Provide critical feedback to help girls improve their skills and further develop their product
  • Network with community entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Increase your visibility as an industry leader and promoter

Please add your name to our mailing list for upcoming volunteer opportunities.


We are also looking for fundraisers, fiscal sponsors, presenters, event volunteers, and more.

If interested in any of the above opportunities please contact us.

NOTE: The Technovation Girls – MN Challenge is managed by Code Savvy and the Code Savvy Experience Program.