Launchappalooza 2022 Recap

Rocket Ship Blasting off

3 … 2 … 1 … Blast off!

Launchappalooza kicked off Technovation[MN]’s 2022 season! Future technologists ages 8-18 years old are now orbiting their communities on a quest to capture and solve some of its most challenging problems using technology.

On January 15th, teams of girls across Minnesota were empowered to “build technology to make an impact on their communities” and to build their technical knowledge, confidence and entrepreneurial skills in order to “change the demographic landscape in technology fields.”  

The girls had an opportunity to meet and get to know our new Program Director, Ericka Dennis, through a few get-to-know-you games and warm-up activities, like Two Truths and One Lie, where Ericka revealed that she actually took off her own braces in high school.  That is definitely a “do not try this at home” situation. 

Kyle Gilbertson, who coordinates the Southeast Minnesota teams, welcomed the girls and conveyed valuable information to our Rochester teams.  Additionally, teams received precious pearls of wisdom from our Student Ambassador Kirthi Manivannan who shared her experiences on various Technovation[MN] teams.

The young ladies then went on a journey through the Technovation Girls 12-week curriculum, which challenges them to develop a mobile phone application to solve a community problem of their choice.   By the way, did you know that Technovation Girls is the largest and longest-running global technology competition exclusively for girls ages 8-18?  It’s true!  We invite you to join a team and be a part of that legacy!

This season, teams are invited to choose to either make a mobile app or an AI prototype.  Additionally, all teams must create a demo video.  You can learn more about these new developments in the Launchappalooza Slides. These slides are chalked full of invaluable resources such as: sample pitch and demo videos, detailed curriculum, local nonprofits seeking your help to create an app, along with the MN Cup, Alexa, Cargill and US Bank Challenge themes, expectations and rewards.

If you have not registered for this season, don’t worry!  Registration is open until March 25, 2022. You can register here.  Also, make sure to register for our upcoming Design Thinking workshop where you will learn everything that you need to know to leave the session well on your way to building an awesome solution for your Technovation Girls Challenge mobile app.

Please review our events page for upcoming events, including:

Take a moment to hear from one of our repeat participants… Thanishka has been a part of the last 4 years of challenges!!

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