Meet the 2014-2015 Leadership Board

I am extremely excited to announce that we have finalized our 2014-2015 Technovation[MN] Leadership Board. Innovation guru and master networker Jacqueline Byrd is joining us a Board Chair. We also have nine new committee chairs who are committed to our mission of enabling young women to transform the world one mobile app at at a time.

Shawn Stavseth, Executive Director Technovation[MN]

As Board Chair, I’m delighted to announce the new 2015 Board for Technovation[MN]. This Board brings experience and wisdom, but most important—the ability to execute. Every single Board member committed to 2015 Technovation[MN] is ready for the amazing experience of putting together remarkable teams of girls across the region to build amazing apps; apps that have the potential for making a difference not only in communities but in each girl’s life by empowering them to do something they’ve never done before in a safe and stimulating environment. In addition the Board will be focused on finding over 100 Mentors who can support each team, market the organization and its incredible mission, raise dollars needed to ‘make it happen’ and plan and execute an event—The Appapalooza– that achieves results for each individual girl, their team and the community in which they live. This Board is invested in the success of Technovation[MN]!

Join us—be a Mentor, a Volunteer!

Thank you,
Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D., Board Chair Technovation [MN]

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