Mentoring Month: Celebrating Ganga Gopalkrishnan

January is #MentoringMonth, and to celebrate we are shining the spotlight on some of our hardworking mentors! 

Meet Ganga Gopalkrishnan, and hear what inspires her to get involved. 

Job Title: IT Technology Manager
Company: Mayo Clinic

Why Do You Choose to Mentor for TechnovationMN? 
The technovation mentorship fulfills two areas of interest for me – 1. Giving back to community 2. Women empowerment. Since I am a technologist by trade, mentoring young girls through Technovation comes as second nature.

What is Your Favorite Memory of Mentoring?
Last year, the app we developed (safe sphere) was for helping emotionally distressed youth. As part of the ideation process, we interviewed some social workers and attended public forums on depression and suicide. The girls were so moved by the stories that they heard, they were determined to make a difference within the community. They took it upon themselves to meet the youth commission and share their findings even after the technovation season ended. They continued to find opportunities to modify and market their app even after the competition and season ended. I was so happy to instill that passion to solve issues in the community to these young girls through technology.

What is Something You Have Learned Through Mentoring? 
When desire, passion and skillset align, there is good outcome. I learned these as well as latest technology and working styles and preferences from these young ladies and apply them at my workplace.

If you are interested in becoming a Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge Mentor sign up here.

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