Mentoring Month: Celebrating Tea Dejanovik

January is #MentoringMonth, and to celebrate we are shining the spotlight on some of our hardworking mentors! 

Meet Tea Dejanovic, and hear what inspires her to get involved. 

Job Title: Senior Business Analyst
Company: Perficient

Why Do You Choose to Mentor for TechnovationMN? 
I’m lucky to work at a company that invests extensively in my professional growth, and I was looking for ways to pay it forward. I wanted to inspire more girls to consider technology as a career even if they’re bad at math, or are not attracted to coding per se. The technology field offers such a rewarding career path, no matter whether you’re creative, analytical or a great writer, as long as you arm yourself with curiosity and willingness to learn.

What is Your Favorite Memory of Mentoring?
Half way through one of the first sessions together, we did a quick 15-minute workout. We’ve discovered that some yoga and jumping jacks helped settle the ‘sugar-high’ and help girls focus again.

What is Something You Have Learned Through Mentoring? 
Having mentored together with 3 of my coworkers, I’ve gotten to know a whole new side of them that I don’t get to experience in a work setting. I’ve learned a lot about their communication styles, ability to navigate an uncharted territory being first time mentors, and most importantly – have fun doing it!

If you are interested in becoming a Technovation Girls, formally Technovation Challenge Mentor sign up here.

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