Need an App Idea? We Have One for You!

Technovation[MN] recently held their kick-off event, Launchapalooza. We are so excited to begin our 2021 season! As an organization focused on inspiring girls to pursue STEM and the increased use of technology as we survive a pandemic, a future of diverse teams building technology has never been more important. Our Southeast Minnesota and Twin Cities areas joined together for the kickoff bringing Minnesotans from across the state together. 

If there is one thing we know, Minnesotans are all about giving back. In fact, that is a huge part of our program. Teams of girls build technology that makes an impact on their communities. At Launchapalooza 2021, we continued the tradition to invite non-profits to expose the girls in our program to ways our community helps each other. 

I love this part of the kick-off for several reasons. First, when I reach out to the non-profit community and ask for help, it is most often met with a resounding ‘YES’. Second, I learn much about the ways these organizations help so many in our community and I am filled with gratitude, wondering how I can help them. Finally, these organizations are all about partnering in any way possible to make our Minnesota community better for all.

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Rebecca Duvick from PCs for People talked about how her organization works to recycle computer equipment and bring refurbished equipment to those in need. Rebecca desired an app that could help manage volunteer hours.

Shanthi Mariappan from Do It Green talked about the work her org is doing to educate Minnesotans about living sustainably and building healthy communities. She highlighted the need for apps that locate green businesses or help people plant flowers that are good for bees and butterflies.

Linda Ball from Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs talked about how her organization enhances the lives of others through the process of training dogs and placing them with people with disabilities. Linda talked about the need for an app that helps trainers track training in real time. 

Jamie Bingner from the Ronald McDonald House talked about the support they provide to families as they seek medical care for their children and how that care has been affected by the pandemic. Jamie would like an app that helps online registration of families. 

Julie Brock from Cradle to Career talked about how her organization brings together the community partners to align programs toward the shared result of improving educational outcomes. Being a data driven organization, her request was to have an app for each network that explains the work, data and outcomes of their services. 


Speaking of helping each other out, a special shout out to our non-profit friends at MN Tech whose Women Leading in Technology (WLiT) and Tech for Good communities have been leveraging their networks to bring amazing mentors to the girls in our program. Thank you to all who have signed up already. There is still time to make an impact.

We succeed when we work together. Together we can.

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