Remembering Rebecca Schatz

With deep sadness and a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Rebecca Schatz, founder and executive director of Code Savvy, founder of The Works hands-on museum of engineering and catalyst behind Technovation[MN]. Rebecca passed away in her loving family’s arms on Monday, July 13, 2015.

Rebecca touched so many people during her vibrant, innovative, and inspiring life. She left an inspiring, sustainable, and lasting legacy to encourage kids and teens to explore their curiosity, learn coding and creative problem solving, and for the volunteers, family members, and mentors who make it happen.

Rebecca built systems and organizations and more importantly she engaged others to participate in the process. She knew that change is the work of many and she inspired everyone to stretch, grow and develop themselves. Her outreach was inherently about inclusion – helping kids see new models and pathways to pursue their own passion, dreams and careers in new and accessible ways. Rebecca brought passion and a focused commitment to inspire our youth to explore and discover engineering, science and coding in hands-on environments.

In early July 2015, Code Savvy appointed Jean Weiss the Executive Director of Code Savvy to carry forward Rebecca’s vision to inspire a diverse new code savvy generation.

Rebecca and her family requests that memorials be sent to Code Savvy. We are so thankful for the time Rebecca spent here to inspire change, innovation and inclusion. She will be missed.

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