Seven Technovation[MN] teams advanced to the Technovation Girls 2020 Global Semifinals!!

Technovation[MN] inspires and empowers girls to leverage technology to make an impact on their communities. With the Technovation Girls curriculum, mentor guidance, educational resources, and encouragement, girls ages 10-18 built mobile applications to develop skills in technology and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Congratulations to the three junior teams: #WeAre, Fantabulous, and The Malefron Tutors; and the four senior teams: {APP}ply Yourself, CASP Technologies, Team KID, and Team Orchids. These teams have shown perseverance through distance-only learning during COVID-19 social distancing and have been recognized for their technology and entrepreneurial talents. They are the elite among the 5,400 girls from 62 countries who created a total of 1,520 mobile apps during this extraordinary spring of COVID-19.

Ten finalist teams (five from each division) will be selected in early July. These finalists will pitch their ideas online at the Technovation World Summit on August 13 -14.

Please join us in applauding all the participating teams for their resilience, perseverance, and hard work! Please share this amazing work with your networks. Congratulations!

Paws For A Cause by #WeAre Pitch Video

Team: #WeAre
App Name: Paws For A Cause
App Description: Paws for a Cause is an app that allows those, especially targeted toward seniors, who are affected by loneliness to be able to overcome the isolation surrounding them by getting a virtual pet visit.
Members: Thanishka Shetty, Ruhi Malgi, Kairavi Chandra, and Molly Russell
City: Arden Hills and Roseville
Mentor: Laurie Aaronson

Global Educators Connect (GEC) by Fantabulous

Team: Fantabulous
App Name: Global Educators Connect (GEC)
App Description: GEC provides teachers, who are teaching abroad, with resources to help connect new teachers to more experienced educators, easing cultural differences.
Members: Esther Anderson, Madison Hinton, Clara Gaw, Eleanor Hallman, and Ava Bleifuss
City: Twin Cities
Mentors: Tanya Hinton and Alpana Bajoria

Online Acceleration by The Malefron Tutors

Team: The Malefron Tutors
App Name: Online Acceleration
App Description: Online Acceleration is an app to aid students through challenging classes by providing a chat room with a tutor, videos, practice problems, and extra resources.
Members: Malini Patel and Hannah Efron
City: Wayzata
Mentors: Emily Takekawa, Tea Dejanovic, and Carol Richardson

Me 2.0 by {APP}ply Yourself

Team: {APP}ply Yourself
App Name: Me 2.0
App Description: Me 2.0 is an app to help improve the mental health of teenagers and young adults.
Members: Lillian Hanson, Josie Koenigs, and Elizabeth Schieffelbein
City: Chatfield
Mentor: Jessica Hanson

Operation Serenity by CASP Technologies

Team: CASP Technologies
App Name: Operation Serenity
App Description: Operation Serenity uses a kid-friendly surgery simulation to provide the visual needed to foster a healthy relationship between a child and their surgery experience. The app also recognizes the emotional aspects of surgery by having an animal companion and community support through resources of local support groups, organizations, and events.
Members: Anjali Donthi, Sarah Bulur, Caitlin McWilliams, and Payton Maas
City: Rochester
Mentors: Jillian Elsbury, Richard Bogovich, and Kyle Becker

Bin There by Team KID

Team: Team KID
App Name: Bin There
App Description: Bin There is an app to help find trash and recycling bins and encourages users to be responsible for the environment aware lifestyle.
Members: Anushka kollengode, Nandini Iyer, and Saumya Dubey
City: Rochester
Mentors: Ganga Gopalkrishnan, Thomas Yung, and Chris Cavanagh

SapLang by Team Orchids

Team: Team Orchids
App Name: SapLang
App Description: SapLang is a mobile application designed to address the challenges of language barriers by providing a tutoring platform. SapLang’s primary goal is to create a support system for English Language Learner (ELL) students by matching them with multilingual students at the same school.
Members: Zoey Chen, Vidushi Kandimalla, Maggie Hu, and Kirthi Manivannan
City: Rochester
Mentors: Kyal Brandt and Sierra Spring

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