Spark Scholarship Recipients

Spark Scholarship Recipients

On May 11th we also announced our Technovation[MN] Spark Scholarships winners. This is a significant milestone in the growth of our organization. We created these sponsorships to continue to spark a fire within her.

We want these girls to see that technology is a tool to get their ideas out to the world and that she can make the world more beautiful, healthier, safer and even more peaceful. We want her to know that there is a community that will support her and that the world is in dire need of her voice, her thinking, her innovations. They are waiting for her.

These young women have proven through their applications that they have the vision, passion and willpower to make it happen. Congratulations to all our 2019 Spark Scholarship recipients!

Spark Junior Scholarship

$250 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 10-14.

Tanishka Shetty – Thanishka wants to make this world a better place by creating technology that will educate. She wants to ensure that everyone has access to clean water.

Fiona Long – Fiona wants to bring science and business programs to schools where there are low graduation rates and where opportunities are not as prevalent. She plans to use this scholarship to purchase her own computer.

Piper Sell – Piper would like to study science and medical conditions, perhaps become a doctor. She wants to build technology for people with disabilities.

Anuska Colongode – Anuska plans to use technology to help find cures for diseases like cancer.

Spark Senior Scholarship

$1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 15-18.

Grace Su – Grace would like to create products like an AI interview-training app to assist the unemployed and use technology to solve inequality.

Anjali Donthi –  Anjali wants to use her computing and technology skills to improve the quality of healthcare, and to further advance the Biomedical science field.

Ilsa Olsen – Ilsa plans to go into mechanical or biomedical engineering and help those that are medically challenged.

Ashley Chen – Four years ago Ashley had no interest in tech. Now she’s a pro with experience in Java, XML, and Stack Overflow. She has overcome many obstacles over the past 4 years and as a result has realized that Technovation really goes beyond making an app.

In addition to the scholarship money, all four High School recipients are invited to attend GoKart 600, an immersive day at GoKart Labs, a local, digital innovation company.

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