Spark Scholarships

Spark the technologist within her!

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She is you. You are amazing. Our communities need you. You will change the world. 

Technovation[MN] is pleased to announce the fourth annual Spark Scholarships for girls interested in pursuing training in computer science or business entrepreneurship. If you have finished one Technovation[MN] program, in any year, this scholarship is for you. This is a fantastic opportunity to get some financial help to boost your journey toward technology and entrepreneurship. You deserve it.

Before applying, think about your experience in Technovation[MN]. What have you learned about yourself as a creator of technology? How have these experiences sparked your interest? What aspirations do you have for making the world a better place through technology and entrepreneurship? 

Applications will be due by 11:59pm on April 29, 2022, and scholarships will be awarded at the Appapalooza 2022 event on May 21st.

Scholarship Categories

Please note that we have some additional categories this year…

Spark Scholarship Age 19 – 26: $1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 19-26 (age on Aug 1, 2022) 

Spark Scholarship Age 15 – 18: $1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 15-18 (age on Aug 1, 2022) 

Spark Scholarship Age 12 – 14: $500 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 12-14 (age on Aug 1, 2022)

Spark Scholarship Age 8 – 11: $250 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 8-11 (age on Aug 1, 2022)

For all groups except those in the 19-26 category, a parental consent form must be completed for the application to be considered complete. You also have the opportunity to add a letter of reference so be thinking about who you might want to ask for that part of the submission.  Scholarships must be used for tuition, training, equipment, or any other computer science or entrepreneurial related programs.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, please direct them to

Technovation[MN] believes in you and we are here to support you. Good luck!

Please complete this form to apply.

Past Winners

2021 Junior Winners

$250 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 10-14.

Sreyoli Bhattacharya, Kellogg Middle School Rochester – “Just being in a project that I was so passionate about, made me take up a role in the team which I normally would never take and helped me grow out of my shell.”

Kairavi Chandra, Parkview Center School Roseville – “For me engineering is a way of doing something I love and also making a positive impact on others and the world.”

Lakeisha Gibson, Wayzata East Middle School Plymouth – “The aspiration that I have for making the world a better place through technology and entrepreneurship is to help people have better mental health.”

Aditi Kattamuri, Washington Elementary School Rochester – “My dream would be to make an app to help improve self confidence for children with low self esteem.”

2021 Senior Winners

$1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 15-18.

Sarah Bulur, Century High School Rochester – “Technovation inspired me to be a leader among other girls, advocating for my ideas, and most importantly, making a lasting impact in my community.”

Elise Buzzell, Henry Sibley High School Mendota Heights – “Technovation has helped me … step out of my comfort zone regarding technology.”

Sydney Killilea, Totino-Grace High School Fridley – “I found my true potential in both technology and entrepreneurship, which has instilled in me the interest to continue to create and explore the field of software coding and entrepreneurship.”

Anushka Kollengode, Mayo High School Rochester – “Technovation MN has created a spark in me to be a connector of people’s need to solutions through technology”

Abigail Kunkle, Roseville Area High School Roseville – “I am excited to continue pursuing my career in technology at Purdue University College of Engineering … I want to show the world what I can do and become a role model for other girls interested in technology.”

Nora Dixon, Eagan High School Eagan – Spirit Award Winner – “The support that I gained from joining Technovation was so important to me that I can only hope that one day I can give that back to other girls who may be in my shoes.”

Alexandra Rolli, John Marshall High School Rochester – Rebecca Schatz Award Winner – “I learned that I loved the coding aspect of it. I wanted to learn more about how to do it and how it worked, … I want to pursue a degree in computer science.”

2020 Junior Winners

$250 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 10-14.

Shreya Donthi – Shreya is interested in becoming a financial analyst and working at the intersection of finance and technology. She plans to use the scholarship to further her education of financial literacy and education.

Molly Russell – Molly is interested in biology, ecology, and entrepreneurship. She learned many skills through her Technovation programs, including navigating unexpected issues, public speaking, and solving world issues through technology.

Srina Lakkundi – Srina would like to learn more about how technology can impact wildlife and how the planet can become healthier. Specifically, she will use the scholarship to maintain and develop her technology aimed at reporting animal carcasses.

Teagan McCarty – Teagan wants to explore the fields of software engineering and development. She’s interested in learning more about software and the problem-solving skills necessary to create future technology.

2020 Senior Winners

$1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 15-18.

Lucy Rubin – Lucy wants to learn more about software, leadership, and environmentalism. She plans to exercise the leadership and mentoring skills she’s learned through Technovation in her future endeavors.

Payton Maas – Payton’s learned a lot through 5 years of Technovation- entrepreneurship, confidence, mentorship, and more. She’s excited to learn more about business and increasing accessibility to technology for other kids.

Prapthi Jayesh Sirrkay – Prapthi is interested in biomedical technology and programs encouraging more women in STEM fields. She’s excited to apply concepts (such as determination, perseverance, and researching) she learned through Technovation in her future career.

Eleanor Sprinthall – Eleanor is interested in business and empowering women globally. She’ll use her scholarship to pay for higher education and learn more about how to achieve her entrepreneurial goals.

Ridwan Abdi – Ridwan is excited to learning about the positive ways applications and software can impact communities. Her scholarship will help her pursue higher education in these fields.

2019 Junior Winners

$250 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 10-14.

Tanishka Shetty – Thanishka wants to make this world a better place by creating technology that will educate. She wants to ensure that everyone has access to clean water.

Fiona Long – Fiona wants to bring science and business programs to schools where there are low graduation rates and where opportunities are not as prevalent. She plans to use this scholarship to purchase her own computer.

Piper Sell – Piper would like to study science and medical conditions, perhaps become a doctor. She wants to build technology for people with disabilities.

Anuska Colongode – Anuska plans to use technology to help find cures for diseases like cancer.

2019 Senior Winners

$1,000 scholarships for girls and non-binary individuals ages 15-18.

Grace Su – Grace would like to create products like an AI interview-training app to assist the unemployed and use technology to solve inequality.

Anjali Donthi –  Anjali wants to use her computing and technology skills to improve the quality of healthcare, and to further advance the Biomedical science field.

Ilsa Olsen – Ilsa plans to go into mechanical or biomedical engineering and help those that are medically challenged.

Ashley Chen – Four years ago Ashley had no interest in tech. Now she’s a pro with experience in Java, XML, and Stack Overflow. She has overcome many obstacles over the past 4 years and as a result, has realized that Technovation really goes beyond making an app.