Eri O’Diah

Marketing Committee

Eri O’Diah (She/Her) is an entrepreneur who is passionate about growing her brand and lending her platform to socially good causes. As the sole founder of Digital, a small online digital marketing agency. Beyond volunteering for Technovation[MN], in her free time, Eri can be found in a Corepower Sculpt yoga class or volunteering as a the regional director of BDPA-Midwest, a national organization focused on nurturing and developing diverse working professionals and future IT leaders in STEM.

Eri is also one of the Minnesota Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2019 Woman of the Year (WOTY) nominees. Through her engagement in the WOTY campaign, she leverages her voice and platform to building awareness about blood cancer which is 2x as likely to impact African Americans and raise funds for the research and development of treatment.