Laurie Aaronson

Operations Committee

As an educator for over 12 years, Laurie spends time in the classroom working to empower girls through STEM.  Teaching both math and technology to middle school aged students, Laurie has incorporated coding as a component of math problem solving.  Laurie has been a mentor for 5 years and worked with 13 junior teams to date.  Laurie served as a Master Educator in 2016-18, working with mentors from around the world to develop training, providing feedback on curriculum development and other opportunities.  Laurie has been a member of the MN board since summer of 2017, supporting TechnovationMN efforts with technical support (domain administrator) and overseeing many of the events during 2017-18 season.  This year, Laurie is the chair of the Operations Committee.  She is currently a middle school math and technology teacher at Cyber Village Academy in Saint Paul, MN.  She enjoys spending time with her “doggie daughters” Izzy and Eevee and “kitty son” Patch.