Maha Brauch

Judging Community

Maha Brauch oversees the innovation and execution of digital experiences and strategy at Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. As the banking landscape shifts from traditional in-person exchanges to more web and mobile interactions, Maha and her team are shaping the way Affinity Plus interacts with their customers. Maha is a huge advocate for user experience focusing on the development of a convenient, engaging and seamless customer experience using design thinking across all channels, digital and physical. 

Maha has been in the financial services industry for 8 years, recently been published in CreditUnion times for helping the Affinity Plus deliver a first in class digital banking experience that has is highly adopted by their membership with a 4.8 app star rating.
The under-representation of women in Tech is a problem Maha is passionate about helping to solve. There is a gender parity in tech and a huge need to design technology and experiences for all consumers. Members of technology teams should represent the differing demands of a diverse customer base; women are half the consumers of technologies, but not enough participate in the development of these technologies. Technovation is taking a stance in trying to solve this problem which aligns Maha to their cause. 

Maha has her BS in Finance and MBA from St. Cloud State University