The Cargill Foundation Expands Partnership with Code Savvy to Change the Demographic Landscape of Technology in Minnesota

TechnovationMN and Cargill logos with a large group of participants

Technovation[MN], a Code Savvy program, is teaming up with the Cargill Foundation once again through  a three-year grant for scalability and strategic growth. This financial support is paired with Cargill employees volunteering their time with the program in numerous roles. Last year, Cargill provided its first Corporate Sponsored Challenge with the focus of Nourish the World, which allowed teams to pitch to Cargill executives, build business acumen, and begin to build their professional networks. 

Code Savvy, a Minnesota-based organization, empowers youth and educators with the knowledge, skills, and support to create with technology, while interrupting and counteracting gender and racial gaps in computing. Technovation[MN], one of Code Savvy’s leading programs, inspires and empowers girls to build technology to make an impact on their communities. Mentor guidance, educational resources, and encouragement are provided to participating girls ages 10-18. The program benefits beginner to advanced computer science students, and with the development of business cases and pitches, has attracted and successfully engaged girls of all STEM levels. 

As Technovation[MN]’s programming begins and ends with engagement from the community, it is quite fitting that Cargill and Technovation[MN] have come together to bring free technology and entrepreneurial programs to spark interest, build technical and entrepreneurial knowledge, and develop confidence for young girls. 

With the pandemic, technology became a necessity for communities across Minnesota, and as a response, Technovation[MN] teams successfully pivoted to a virtual format. The program teaches many skills including coding, team building, problem solving, writing, persuasion, presentation, and overall  confidence.  

“Cargill’s purpose is to Nourish the World in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way and technology is a key tool to fulfilling that purpose. By providing girls the skills needed to build technology with a focus on  innovation and entrepreneurship, all centered on community needs, the partnership between Cargill  and Technovation[MN] is paving the way for a better future,” said Shawn Stavseth, Technovation[MN] Co-Founder. 

Information Technology roles are predicted to grow over 30% in Minnesota by 2030. Organizations like  Technovation[MN] help build a diverse workforce pipeline for the tech industry. Technovation[MN] is dedicated to ensuring the next generation of computer science professionals is representative of the billions who will use tomorrow’s innovative technologies. 

“At Cargill we believe innovation not only will enable us to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, but it will also help us close the opportunity gap for children in the Twin Cities,” said Michelle Grogg, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Cargill and Executive Director of the Cargill  Foundation. “We are proud to partner with organizations like Technovation[MN], who use technology and innovation to empower young women, and solve real problems in the communities in which we live.”

The Cargill Foundation sees a direct link between providing Minnesota’s youth equitable access to education as a pathway to prosperous careers and delivering innovative solutions to the world. Technovation[MN] believes everyone should have access and encouragement to succeed in a tech driven world. Science and technology are two major keys to making the planet of tomorrow a better, more sustainable place. Together, with the continued support and investment in STEM programs our next generation will be equipped to lead the way forward.

If you would like to learn more about the program, or to volunteer, please feel free to reach out to today! 

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