Value The Power Of The Girl Inside

I am very pleased to include a guest post by Emma Lloyd. Emma was a Technovation[MN] Mentor for a team at Laura Jeffrey Academy this past year. She is a computer scientist, a business women and humanitarian. She is an amazing person giving much of her time to inspiring girls. Enjoy!
Shawn Stavseth
Co-Founder of Technovation[MN]

I worked with a team of girls from Laura Jeffery’s Academy and over the months we were together I became more and more impressed with their dedication and persistence to creating and delivering an app that they were truly proud of.  Every week I became enthused by their questions and attention to the task at hand and the way in which they solved problems.  I was reminded of my own love of problem solving and collaborative team work and watching what unfolds when we work together.  As a woman working in the technology sector for the past 20 years I have had my own struggles but working with the girls renewed my commitment to helping more girls enter the field to bring forth their unique gifts.

At Appapalooza I was asked to give a two minute speech.  You’ll find it below.  My inspiration came from my team and the work we did together.

“My career advice is no different than my hope for you personally,
be a girl, be authentic, value who you are and what you do.
Dream BIG, don’t let gender or social constructs tell you what you can do,
or what you are allowed to do,
defy the rules.

Find something you are really passionate about,
be honest with yourself about what that is
and then find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them,
they will challenge you.

Create allies as they will help you achieve your goals,
collaboration leads to creativity and innovation,
share as much information and as many ideas as you have.

Do something you are not ready to do,
allow yourself to feel uncomfortable,
push yourself further than you thought you could.

Today careers are not a ladder but a jungle gym – build your skills not your resume,
be prepared to go back, forwards, up, down, keep learning and growing,
take risks.

Remain true to your most authentic self,
bring your heart, feelings and your girl self to everything you do,
the future of humanity depends on it.

Being a girl is so powerful.
We have suppressed this and educated everyone not to be a girl
but your compassion and vulnerability will lead to the greatest changes.
Communicate authentically, be honest, be compassionate,
these skills that girls innately have,
use them to create a better work place and a better world.

Value the power of the girl inside.”

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